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Dr. Rogers is preparing her first book for publication, however, it is available now from her website.  Dr. Rogers has also composed, recorded, and produced more than 40 progressive guided visualizations to help her patients navigate around their emotional symptoms and transform their lives.  She integrates many of these visualizations into her patients' treatment plans, and most of them are available for purchase.  If you are interested in any of her products, please call us at (919) 802-0312.



The Artfully Lived Life Program:

  • Is a stress management self-help therapy book designed to help you become your ideal person through the use of guided imageries and wellness strategies. 
  • Is a valuable resource tool for anyone who seeks balance in his or her life.
  • Uses state-of-the-art techniques that allow individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
  • Provides written worksheets, diagrams, study guides, and journal pages that will lead you through your journey as you utilize the lessons in your life.
  • Uses visualization and guided imagery to aid in self-esteem and self-confidence.  It will also help you discover the wisdom, courage, and power to make changes in your life.
Whatever challenges come your way, you have the power within you to emerge triumphantly.



Each chapter in The Artfully Lived Life: Creating Health, Wellness & Peace by Optimizing the Power of Your Brain contains three components:

    • The first component are the guided visualizations called Progressive Guided Visualizations (PGV).  They are contained on three CD's that are included with the book. These PGVs will take you through guided imageries, exercises, and strategies that will help you better understand and integrate the chapter material.

    • The second component is the workbook material, called Guided Study. This will help you better understand, organize, and use the vast amount of information stored within your mind.

    • The third component - called Pause & Reflect - includes guided imagery and written exercises that help you to think and journal about the material you are learning in each of the chapters.



The Artfully Lived Life" will teach you stress reduction and:

  • New habits that will help you reach your goals.

  • New ways of thinking that will help you shift toward a healthier life.

  • How to accelerate your potential for greater joy.

  • To actualize your dreams, hopes, and wishes for a happier life.


In addition to her book, Dr. Rogers has also published several guided visualizations that are available to the public.  Below are a few samples:

This guided visualization offers a set of affirmations that will help aid you in becoming a stronger, healthier, and happier person.  The affirmations that this C.D. has to offer will bring a postiive outlook into your life and enable you to look at your life as a forever lasting learning process.
This visualization was designed for those who seek a positive perspective on life.

Safe Place
Take a journey into your own imagination to find a safe place for you.  Explore a land filled with wilderness and treasures.  Find yourself in a place of safety, peace, and encouragement.  You will identify your own guide who will assure you that you are in a land free from all of life's anxieties.  Your guide will also provide words that make you feel as special as you really are.
This visualization is perfect for those with anxiety or those who need to build confidence. 
Go to your safe place and step into a golden bubble that lightly floats around the universe.  You will be able to feel comfortable and safe while in this bubble because it is made of positive energy.  This bubble will quickly become your sanctuary; the inner core of who you are.  Your safe place will always hold the path to your personal sanctuary.  "Everything that you are is within your sanctuary."  It is a place that is created by who you are and everything that you represent.  Anytime you lose touch with yourself or need time to reflect on your beliefs, you can always return to your sanctuary.  It is here where you will find the value of yourself.  It is a place of pure positive energy.
This visualization is designed for those that need confidence and a positive outlook on life.

Find yourself in the middle of an open area full of wheat and sunflowers.  Enjoy the feeling of the warm sun lightly fall onto your body.  While listening to this C.D. you will create a space of reflection.  This space will be your special garden.  The purose of this C.D. is to reflect on all of the positive aspects about yourself.  You will take notice of the skills that you have acquired throughout your life.  During the gentle course of this exercise, you will receive a special message.  Any weaknessess that you encounter about youself will soon become opportunities to grow and fulfill your life's purpose.
This visualization is intended for those that need to build confidence and create positive thoughts.


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